Time frame

Monday, November 15, 2010

i've just got a call from catering, they said the makcik waffles who initially refuse the invoice idea change her mind, so we decided to choose her instead of the lot 4 cafe? since she offered the cheapest price. As a result, the budget is enough to cover the VIP food also. But we are still collecting the RM 5 from all participants to cover the expenses for souvenirs for all speakers and guest.

I've informed leaders of each posting to collect the money and pass to Kak Nurul Monday next week. If any of you has any idea for souvenirs, just vomit it out okey. I wonder when is jetul gonna pass the poster and entry list to year 3 and year 4. One more thing, i hope jut can layout the details of the foods and the price per pax in a short time. 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha
Happy holiday...
Group A2, don't forget we gonna have shortcase this friday..

Our banner and poster, thanks to Ajmal

banner × 2 = RM 72.00 × 2 = RM 114.00
coloured poster A3 size × 15 = RM 2.00 × 15 = RM 30.00
total = RM 144.00
pretty good deal
thanks to Jetul and the geng

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love those blue colored words!!!

Zarol and the geng are working really hard on inviting lecturers and i hope they are able to finalize the list of speakers by this Tuesday:

      1)     Opening Speech:
               Group A final year project advisor, Dr Ashri: Confirmed

      2)     Talk 1: Tackling the Life of a House Officer: 
               Asst. Prof. Dr Azura Shareena binti  Yahya: Confirmed

      3)     Forum 1: Options After Graduation:
Panel Speakers:
a)    Prof. Dato’ Dr. Md Tahir Azhar: confirmed
b)    Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Faidzal: confirmed
c)    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamalludin bin Ab Rahman: Confirmed
*Moderator: Brother Hamzah bin Sulaiman

4)     Talk 2: How to Make a Difference: 
         Prof. Dr Ariff bin Osman: confirmed

5)     Forum 2: Marriage, Family and Your Career

       Panel Speakers:
a)    Assoc. Prof Dr Mohamed Azril bin Mohamed Amin: confirmed
b)    Asst. Prof Dr Suhaiza binti Abdullah: not confirmed
c)    Dr Soraya binti Ismail: confirmed
*Moderator: Sister Hazwani Che Abdullah

Guest: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aminuddin Che Ahmad 
*MC: Brother Hielmi Syaiful Nizam & Sister Sharifah Aishah Alsagoff?

For those in charge in public relation, please update the latest status, people need to be told. Thank you for your hard work.

Monday, November 8, 2010

update your planner!!!

asssalamualaikum you guyz,
aku da buat time frame seperti tertera diatas, seboleh-bolehnyer kite follow strictly la, kalo tak nanti kelam kabut. Aku da classify jobs for every committee and colour coded. Tp  kalo korang ade idea ntuk improve, just edit je using google calendar, or bg comment je pun ok. Kalo any committee yang ade problem berkenaan tugas korang kene report kat aku cepat2 and post kat blog or just shout in mixbox untuk kumpul idea for solution. So kepada semua ahli group A, rajin2 la visit this blog keh


Our new improvised budget!

After meeting ngan Mr Amin, die kate no choice terpaksa buat serious cost cutting measures. Die pun cakap minta maaf atas segala kesulitan yang kite alami, regarding the fund for this project. Berikut beberapa perkara yang dicadangkan dan dipersetujui oleh beliau on our project specifically:
  1. hapuskan segala bentuk honorarium or gift for internal lecturers/ speakers
  2. for printing or photocopying, boleh gune kuliyyah punye, buat surat and kene ade signature our secretary, Miemie, Dr Hadi (our new final year project coordinator) and our advisor, Dr Ashri
  3. student/ participant makan sekali ngan speakers, jangan asingkan, untuk merapatkan jurang yang meluas, so that they get to know us la
  4. kalo boleh promote and dapatkan participasi daripada houseman HTAA
  5. mahalkan participant fees tp jgn buat cam nampak mahal contohnye RM 9, RM 14, tapi kite buat RM 10 la senang kire
  6. jangan gune duit sendiri, tp kalo sesape nak sponsor ikhlas takper la
Food and Beverages
a) Refreshment (morning)
b) Lunch
c) Refreshment (afternoon)
d) Mineral water (small)


RM 2.00
RM 6.00
RM 1.00
RM 0.40

RM 420.00
RM 1260.00
RM 4.00
Total for food and beverages
RM 1894.00
Publication and Promotion
a) Folders and pens
b) A4 paper
b) Banner
c) Poster


RM 0.50
RM 6.00
RM 100.00
RM 2.00

RM 100.00
RM 12.00
RM 200.00
RM 8.00
Total for publication and promotion
RM 320.00
Grand Total: RM 2214.00

ENTRANCE FEES: RM10.00 per participant
Targeted no of participants: 200
No of speaker: 8, No of guest: 2, total: 10
No of participants × fees: 200 × RM 10 = RM 2000.00
Compulsory to all final year students: 120 participants
Open to all medical students from year 1 to year 4 and houseman in HTAA for another 80 seats 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

exciting update!

Assalamualaikum my truly beloved friends....

First of all, i would like to apologize to you guys since i haven't given you any update regarding the project. Actually, alhamdulillah our proposal has been reviewed by the dean office and student affair and it has been approved.

However, we were told that we will not be granted any funds for that project. Shockingly, there is no allocated funds for the whole final project. It seems that, the final-year-project-to-replace-the-islamic-input syllabus proposed by Prof Ariff was too late. And the finance for some reasons that none of human brain could possibly understand, was unable to include any funds for this project for the budget year 2010. Therefore, the money will only be available starting budget year 2011, which obviously too late for us.

For your information, the Kuliyyah had appointed Mr Amin to replace Prof Ariff to handle this final year project since he is currently continuing his studies on Cardiothoracic Anesthesia in USM. Tomorrow we are going to rectify this problem with Mr Amin and ask for solution quickly.

If i'm not mistaken the surgery posting had changed their highly anticipated Orang Asli project to family day. It make sense since the project require much less money, so that they can cover the expenses themselves. I was thinking proposing a simpler project for instances, inter-posting sport day, raya haji gatherings or sukan aneka kind of thing. Sadly to say it is already too late for us to search for external sponsor which require a lot of time, paperworks and bureaucracy. We are aiming to finish this project as soon as possible since delaying it may interfere with our preparation for Professional Exam which should be less than 5 month from now (come on, someone need to mention it). Hence we are thinking of following their foot step, since our career talk requires quite a lot of money, unless we can find a way to cop money.

But that depends on the discussion with Mr Amin tomorrow.

I will give you any update regarding this matter in a short time,
Any suggestion or advice from you guys is highly appreciated.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

new proposed date

Salam kawan2 skalian...
Boss mencadangkan date baru untuk program Career talk ni..
27hb Nov 2010
mula² cdg nak wat 20hb.. tapi kenduri hafis m. Tob pada 20hb.. so kita anjakkan seminggu...
so aku akan wat poll.. sape yg setuju leh undi.. sape yg tak pon leh gak undi.. kalau ada cdgkan utk tarikh lain, sila tinggalkan komen.. thanks..